The benefits of our approach

Bénéfices - Équipe de travail

For an approach to be sustainable, everyone must find advantages – The

“What’s in it for me?”

Below are listed some of the Benefits that the Company may withdraw from this process as well as the Employees (who are not left out). These Can and Will make a Difference.

We get a “Win-Win” profile of results

Benefits for the Company:  « Will it go in the investment or in the expense colomn? »

  • Reduced costs (high ROI).
  • Reduced losses in materials, time, transportation, delays, unnecessary tasks, etc..
  • Increases the efficiency and safety of equipment.
  • Improves the ratio: VA / NVA. activities
  • Ownership of the Improvement Process is taken by the employees in a Business Perspective.
  • Encourages creativity and autonomy among employees.
  • Improves competitiveness.
  • Better the Acceptance of changes by the personnel who helped to create it
  • Improves the understanding of employees’ needs.
  • Brings a sense of urgency and importance.
  • Causes the emergence of new Team Leaders
  • Prepares the next generation of employees

Benefits for the Employees,    The « What will it bring Me? » :

    • Mobilizes and brings employees together in multidisciplinary teams.
    • Stimulates by its power to change things.
    • Pushes the conventional boundaries and other paradigms
    • Les bénéfices de notre approchePut people in value through self-transcendence
    • Obtain tangible results, quickly.
    • Involves employees in the improvement strategy.
    • Train through Action.
    • Makes job easier.
    • Encourages decisions by consensus, with respect.
    • Improves the understanding of business issues.
    • Improves aspects Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Environment