The 5 S : How to define it ?

5 Steps towards a Safe & Efficient Work Environment

  1. Sort – Organize your work area, eliminate unnecessary items in our working environment for optimal use of time and space
  2. Straighten – appropriately identify, locate & make useful things accessible to increase the effectiveness of our workstation
  3. Shine – Clean things and determine how to keep them clean in order to prevent problems
  4. Standardise – Maintain things organized, orderly & clean, utilizing visual controls in order that any abnormalities become obvious
  5. Sustain – Stick to the rules with discipline & rigor, making it a habit, a part of your DNA.

5S Léo Piché

It is also a system where the employees are taking charge or their work environment

The 5S constitute the Foundations of Continuous improvement

Well guided in this approach, employees gladly accept this power entrusted to them to change things … for the best in their workstation inside a defined frame of work. And they meet very well this challenge.

The 5S philosophy involves a fundamental change in the way we see our work environment. Our attention is then focussed on the importance of the care that everyone should bring to their workplace. Order, cleanliness and storage take here all their meaning.

This methodology is part of the best practices used by the most successful companies in the world and draws on the creative force of the biggest energy source of a company: its staff

5S is very structured and requires planning and discipline at every stage of its realization.

As deliverables we find:

  • A job made easier
  • A workstation:
+ Efficient
+ Safe
+ Clean
+ Orderly
+ Pleasant
+ Motivating



A 5S workshop done well stands among the most mobilizing events for employees who are proud to take charge of their work environment.


Visual Management Systems:

« An Image is worth a thousand words.»

At a glance, we have all the info we need:

  • Production rate
  • Quality
  • Process parameters
  • Conditions of the equipment
  • Material Flow in the process
  • Level of Stocks
  • Objectives met or not met
  • Etc.



Visual Management Systems are made up of a set of simple and inexpensive devices.

They are specifically designed to make readily available & handy everything you need to know, instantly, without having to ask and without saying a word.

Anyone in the Organization can ensure that what is supposed to happen is really happening, on time, all the time.

Like the dashboard of our vehicle, all that is useful to know is prominent and there are also some audible alarms and even mistake-proofing devices.

Just imagine how it would be to drive our vehicle without these monitoring tools. And what about a large surface parking lots without these simple lines to delimit parking spaces.

Over time, we shall have less and less unpleasant surprises reducing the events leading to crisis management and the need for micro-management. The Visual Systems will guide us on what needs to be done, on what scale, by whom and how.

 “The Floor is talking to us in a clear and steady voice and awaits our response, rapidly. Lets Listen and React”