Value Stream Mapping

For a systematic search of Waste and Opportunities for Improvement

We favor the development of people through action and this is by involving as many people as possible in the organization while monopolizing the least possible of their time.

Carto (1) copieOur Approach:

Just as in the use of other tools, the starting point remains a clear and ambitious mandate, aligned with corporate strategy.

Cost Reduction, Productivity Improvement as well as Safety and Quality, are typically part of the objectives

Team Work and Total Employee Involvement is the heart of the process. This is accomplished by bringing together small teams of Leaders credible and representative of each area to be mapped who will take the pulse of their peers. Open communication “within” and “between” departments, hierarchical levels & leadership poles is one of the secrets of a sound result generating mapping process.

Carto (3) copieTo a “Top Down” Challenge, Answers will emerge “Bottom Up”

Each team will establish the sequence of the process and analyze the contribution of raw materials, equipment, supplies, consumables, as well as the information. Let us keep in mind that information is part of the overall communication grid.

As No info = no work & bad info = bad results, Information Flow is crucial

Every step of the process is systematically analysed according to 3 axis:

  1. Carto (2) copieHealth, Safety, Environment & Ergonomics: profitable for the organization & appreciated by workers
  2. Efficiency: major effect on the profitability of operations & where the workers (very many experts from the floor), have many ideas waiting to be heard. The OEE is here the main tool.
  3. Controllable Costs: Lift all the rocks – energy, supplies, consumables, etc.  We question everything, absolutely everything.

All employees from the mapped sector are asked to participate in the improvement dream right from the planning stage. Everyone in the organisation will discover the hiden potential and practical ideas will begin to germinate in their mind.

Several analytical tools can be used such as the Muda, the 10 categories of errors, the dangerous situations & behaviors, the cycle time, the OEE, the Spaghetti, the material flow , the Grid – Costs – Benefits – Ease, the Pareto, the Force Field Analysis, etc..

Value Stream Mapping at a glance:Carto (5) copie

  • It is a systematic search for waste and for opportunities of improvement.
  • It is not a problem solving process per se
  • The Mapping will not resolve everything but should lift the majority of the stones to reveal the hidden nuggets.

Do you feel the need to:

  • strengthen the bonds between team members
  • enhance morale
  • energize your organization’s staff
  • counter a dry down of ideas to improve your performance
  • find out who your true Leaders are
  • discover the hidden potential of your operations
  • improve attitude towards Safety at Work
  • improve the overall performance of your Operations (quality, productivity, delivery, inventory, costs, etc.).
  • use the energy of your packs (teams) to your advantage to beat the competition.
  • recover the money wasted in your hidden recesses

Then, this application of the Value Stream Mapping is the ideal tool to reveal tempting secrets.