SMED: Single minute Exchange of dies

Reduce Setup time to less than 10 minutes (single digit)

F1Purpose of SMED: To reduce setup and adjustment times in order to increase Availability of production equipment

There also is SSED (in less than 10 seconds)

And even OTED (one Touch). Yes it exists.

Ultimately, time losses for setups are zero, allowing to produce parts by the unit (one piece flow) without affecting productivity or cost.

The lack of Availability of production equipment is the main obstacle to performance as represented by the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) below

And when you stop to change setup, the equipment is obviously not available. we have then every interest to linger to improve this process.

We apply the same coaching principles for the SMED workshops than for our Kaizen workshops in order to maximize impact.

Just like in a pit stop, the sinew of war is time! and time is money!

Why Kaizen & SMED?

  • To Survive
  • then to Grow

We must produce

  • More
  • Better
  • Faster
  • At lower Cost

In dissecting the process, we will be able to transfer the Internal Activities  (machine stopped) in External Activities Machine running) and then optimizing all aspects of the process, we transform costly downtime in efficient & profitable Operating time.


We recognize here the OEE grid (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and the effect of setups on production equipment effectiveness. Together with  Breakdowns, Setups & adjustments are the main cause of equipment inefficiency.

This is where SMED intervenes.